The Project

I’ve been working with Me & C since its inception in 2015, and in our first collaboration, we created a library of images for advertising and promotional purposes.

The Process

We started out with a half-day of shooting images for the website, traipsing around downtown London with a small army of models, all wearing Carolyn’s designs. We had break dancers, derby girls, families, and friends! I can’t begin to tell you how many random people noticed our merry band and asked about what was going on. In fact, I’m still running into people asking about that day in April.

The second part of the plan was a series of Londoners styling Carolyn’s designs in their own unique way. We’ll be working on this piece through the summer and into the fall (and hopefully for a long time to come). We’ve also managed a little sneak peek into Carolyn’s studio, and the process behind the print.

The Players

You may remember Carolyn from a shoot from way back, in the fall of 2014. I wrote then, “she’s one of those terribly smart, lovely, and creative people who balances a kind heart with a sharp wit, and the only thing I love more than these photos are all the (brilliant) ideas we shared throughout our afternoon.” Me & C was one of those brilliant ideas, and I am beyond thrilled that idea has come to fruition.

You can keep up with Carolyn and Me & C on Facebook, and Instagramand make sure you catch her at one of the local events in town.

The Payoff

The Payoff:

You can a sampling of my favourites here:

Most importantly, Carolyn is happy with the images, writing: “You captured exactly the feel I was hoping for in these shots: community and connection. Not only are the images perfect but I had a blast! This project wouldn’t be what it is without you involved and I love that. I can’t imagine a better partnership.”

I am ever so grateful to be part of this creative endeavour, which celebrates London, and gives back to the community. This wonderful woman has put it so well: “When you wear my designs you’re promoting a culture where everyone belongs and everyone thrives; a community in which we take care of one another. Because London is not just our city, it’s our home.”