Last year, I made a mistake.

I was updating my website, and I forgot that my blog was on Wordpress. I deleted it all. Paragraphs upon paragraphs that had taken me days and weeks to write, gone. But then I remembered the web archive and was able to recover some of it.

This post is as timely today as it was in 2016, and I'm glad I found it.

I tend to work in isolation, even when close to home. Hours alone in the car, and usually alone on deserted beaches and fields, and while I sometimes miss the company, I enjoy the peace and time to think.

And even though I spend most of my time working on my own, I am not doing all this on my own. I couldn’t do what I do without support.

I am so very thankful – not only for my awesome clients and customers – but for the army of people who support me every single day. It takes a village, people, to make an artist. My friends, family and fellow photographers are my cheerleaders and my critics, my sounding boards, and quite often, my (physical and emotional) caretakers.

And on the days where I’m shooting through dinner, or feeling like an imposter, or barely able to walk after a 10 hour event, someone always has my back.

So thank you, all of you. I couldn’t be me without you.