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As you might have guessed, I have a slight obsession with lemons. My other delicious obsession is pancakes… in any form. I love fluffy hotcakes, puffy aebleskiver, paperthin crepes. Plain, fruity, cheese filled, it’s all fine. This morning I woke up after eight solid, glorious hours of sleep and thought it would be the perfect…

chocolate chip cookies and milk

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Cookies are my nemesis. I can work through just about anything else, but cookies require far more attention to detail to work with my unabashedly lazy style in the kitchen. I came across this recipe over at the marion house book, and something about Emma’s promise of perfectly delicious cookies made me march into the…

Roasted Broccoli

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I know broccoli isn’t a very sexy food, but when it’s crunchy and spicy it makes an awesome side dish or a great snack. I think next time I’ll try half broccoli, half kale here and see where I end up. Roasted Broccoli Adapted from Martha Stewart Serves 4 2 large heads broccoli (about 2…

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I’ve mentioned before that I appreciate a forgiving recipe. When I first attempted this simple little muffin from the Baked cookbook, I forgot the butter. Entirely. I blame the recipe for not stating outright “DON’T FORGET THE MELTED BUTTER IN THE MICROWAVE,” but I have a feeling I won’t win that argument. It all turned…


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There were once rules governing the purchase of new cookbooks in my house. Until recently, they were housed on one jam-packed shelf in the living room, and the rule was that if there wasn’t space, it couldn’t come home with me. Or another cookbook had to find a new home to make room. I’ve solved…