Telling Stories

The┬áthing I love most about selling prints at pop-up markets is meeting people, and chatting about art and travel. My last show was no exception. To my surprise, someone recognized the location of one of my favourite photographs. This has never happened, online or off, and not only did she know the spot, but knew…


welcome to sparta

I mentioned earlier that there was a little fly in my Small-Town Ontario Project ointment, namely that I tend to shoot late on Sunday afternoons when everything is closed. I left for Sparta early(ish) this morning, trying to beat the forecasted rains which never came. Right off the bat, I met Bill Fishleigh, a spry…


arva flour mill

Welcome back to Arva. I know it’s technically double-dipping, but there was just so much at the Mill, I had to split it into two posts. While I’ve shopped at the Arva Flour Mill before, I’d never taken the time to wander about the property and it’s such an interesting blend of the industrial and…

shop launched!

If you’ve been over to the shop before, you may have noticed that 1) it opened in January and 2) it’s sat empty since then. I’m something of a perfectionist, and the idea of choosing out the “perfect” prints or writing the “perfect” profile has left me looking for anything else to do but this….