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If you’ve been over to the shop before, you may have noticed that 1) it opened in January and 2) it’s sat empty since then. I’m something of a perfectionist, and the idea of choosing out the “perfect” prints or writing the “perfect” profile has left me looking for anything else to do but this….

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For the past year, I’ve been consumed with long exposure photography and have been slowly building up my portfolio in that direction. I love that the images can be serene, powerful, or both. Here are a few more from Erieau last week, and below, a list of my favourite photographers with great long exposure work….

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I’ve decided shake up 2010 and focus more on personal development. I won’t call them resolutions, but more guidelines for living. I overextended myself in 2009, working full-time, doing my masters part-time, and photography part-part-time. In 2010, I’d like to really examine what I like to do, and what I would like to do, and…