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Last Saturday, I was invited to tag along with three of my favourite photographers while they trekked out to the windy shores of Lake Erie. I’d been out to Erieau before, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return, and learn from these amazing people. Thanks again to Jennifer, Darren, Bob and Val for…

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I’d always heard about Goderich‘s unique downtown core, and since the town bills itself as Canada’s prettiest town, I couldn’t wait to visit. The downtown is indeed lovely, but I was saddened to see that most of the storefronts were empty. Unfortunately it’s a scene repeated throughout most of Ontario, where car culture and convenience…


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I mentioned earlier that there was a little fly in my Small-Town Ontario Project ointment, namely that I tend to shoot late on Sunday afternoons when everything is closed. I left for Sparta early(ish) this morning, trying to beat the forecasted rains which never came. Right off the bat, I met Bill Fishleigh, a spry…

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If you’ve been over to the shop before, you may have noticed that 1) it opened in January and 2) it’s sat empty since then. I’m something of a perfectionist, and the idea of choosing out the “perfect” prints or writing the “perfect” profile has left me looking for anything else to do but this….


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Since I’m still rather non-functional with the sitting and the walking and the living, I’m serving up photos from another Small-Town Ontario adventure. Thanks to Mishy for joining me! This spot will soon consumed by London, and though I chose not to photograph it, the condos going up all around are a clear indication that…