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Since we’re now four days into the spring equinox, I’m reasonably sure that winter will end sometime soon. Probably. This winter has been so long, hard and fraught with storms that I’ve had little opportunity to get out and make any new winter photographs. Last weekend was a nice change; it was sunny though still…


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When we got to Port Glasgow, I set up on a little patch of beach and got to work playing with my new filter. The weather was still rather uncooperative – for me – with gray skies and little colour. But the end result is what might be one of my favourite seascapes to date….

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Last Saturday, I was invited to tag along with three of my favourite photographers while they trekked out to the windy shores of Lake Erie. I’d been out to Erieau before, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return, and learn from these amazing people. Thanks again to Jennifer, Darren, Bob and Val for…

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For the past year, I’ve been consumed with long exposure photography and have been slowly building up my portfolio in that direction. I love that the images can be serene, powerful, or both. Here are a few more from Erieau last week, and below, a list of my favourite photographers with great long exposure work….