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Recently, I visited Chicago for the first time. My best friend had a big birthday coming up, and decided she wanted to spend it in a new city with some of her favourite girls. It was a whirlwind, filled with lots of amazing food, craft beer, and most importantly, laughter and hijinks. The city is…

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When asked about my favourite travel destination – or favourite book, or band, or meal, or anything, really – my response is simple: my favourite is the one I fell in love with last. San Francisco may prove to be the exception. Like most of my ill-fated romances, I fell in love almost immediately. Against…

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part one: superior | enshrouded part two: superior | survival part three: superior | skies part four: superior | flora part five: superior | rocks UPDATE/January 30/2012: some of these images have now been added to the shop! Promises, promises… I’d fully intended to have this posted on my birthday earlier this week, and get…