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I’m back from a sunny week in Cuba. The memory cards have been backed up, many loads of laundry have been done, and I’m almost ready to return to reality. More photos to come within a week – there will be no more posting trip photos a year later in 2013! Meanwhile, please visit the…

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Autumn has arrived, and it’s starting to look like it’s leaving early. The trees are almost bare, the skies are mostly gray, so this is a perfect time to get back under the hot Cuban sun. I managed to visit Havana twice during my stay; the first visit was nearly rained out so I made…


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Our first stop in Havana may have appeared to be the Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro, but really, I think we were taken there to see the cigar shop, La Triada. We met Jose Castelar Cairo, aka “el Cueto,” who holds no less than four Guinness World Records for rolling cigars. He…