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I spoke too soon. The day after my last post, it snowed. Not a little dusting like I had expected and hoped for, but a solid storm that blanketed the city and remains on the ground to this day. You could feel the collective sorrow of the population of southwestern Ontario when it was still…

the other side: daffodil

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I realized this week when the warmer temperatures indicated spring was here that I’ve been holding my breath over the last two months. But the pure joy I’ve been feeling is unmistakable. I am SO GLAD this winter is over. I know every winter starts to feel like the longest one ever, and even though…


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The trouble with a series that spans the length of an Ontario winter is that eventually, there you yearn for something new. Different. The orchids were a special request and I have to admit … I had SO MUCH FUN with them. In fact, one of the images from the series might end up as…


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This little poppy’s big sister was too pretty not to include in the series. I loved the green tones at the base of the flower, contrasting beautifully with the vivid orange. Is it spring yet?