About Sylvia

I’m first and foremost a storyteller, a collector of tales spun with light and shadow.

When I was little, I scribbled poems and stories on every page I could find. As I lost my words, I picked up a camera, and began shooting in earnest.

Photography is like meditation for me – considering my subject, my settings, my intention stills what is often a mind filled with too many thoughts. I love that it truly is a practice; I can’t say I’ve mastered any one thing completely, though I continue to become increasingly proficient at certain things over time. And as I come close to figuring one thing out, something new appears – new techniques, new ideas, new places. It appeals to my love of continuous learning and development.

My personal project is a visual journey through my own history and mythologyexploring memory and loss through my connection to the world.

To me, photography is as much about hanging on to my own story as it is about telling one.






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