Welcome to: Cannon Beach

Confession: this was my first big trip where I traveled by myself.
Yes, I’ve traveled to Poland many times on my own to see family. I’ve been to out of town conferences and had client work take me away. But never had I been on my own for a week where 100% of my time was my own.
It. Was. Daunting.
I didn’t see that coming. In the weeks and months leading up to my trip I was amazed at how hard it all was. Where would I go? What were my goals? Without someone else’s budget and time constraints, and their wishes to guide me, I didn’t know how to decide.
I had six months to daydream, and to plan, and with so much going on, I really didn’t get that far. It was only days before my flight that I finally committed and booked car rental and my hotel in Cannon Beach for two nights, and nothing more.
There were mishaps. It was, at times, incredibly stressful.
It was also absolutely wonderful and liberating. I learned that I can handle just about anything. That I am wholly at peace with my own company. And that traveling alone is the best way (for me) to make photographs.
And I made these photograph, which I am totally in love with:


Click through to see more of my favourite photograph, and my experiences in Cannon Beach, or skip through and check out the images slowly trickling out of this trip on flickr.


The beaches were quiet in October. I love traveling in the shoulder season, where I can still enjoy people and the weather, but not have to fight the throngs.
The town of Cannon Beach is as charming as any seaside resort town could be, and I wished I’d had more time to explore. If I could change one thing about this trip is that I would have skipped Portland (*gasp*) and spent those two days at the ocean, though I really don’t regret the decision to move on.
I stayed at the Tolovana Inn, right on Cannon Beach, and could see Haystack Rock from my hotel window. While the hotel could use some updates, its location and staff are hugely in its favour.
While I spent a lot of time on the beach, I was at Ecola State Park almost as much. The park, and the views, were just gorgeous.

Mioduszewska-PNW-0868bw Mioduszewska-PNW-0966bw

When I’m working, it tends to be at odd hours. I was up before sunrise (yes, me!), and working well past sunset, with a break in the middle for some food, location scouting, and instagramming.
The best time for me to be out and about is when most people are sitting down to a fine dinner, so many of my meals were on the go. I wish I could tell you where to eat and where to lounge, but this was very much a working trip! My favourite meal was the one I had in my hotel room at 10pm, with a local cider and a tub of Tillamook yogurt. Not exactly glamourous, but entirely wonderful!
However, I can usually tell you where to get the best coffee, and I feel like a whole post could be devoted to the little independent drive through coffee shops I fell in love with. That said, in Cannon Beach, I fell in love with the Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters, not only for the coffee, but for the lovely porch covered in blankets to keep you warm on cool ocean evenings.
I posted some silly things along the way, and you’re welcome to see them at http://pnwftw.tumblr.com/ . Looking back over this little micro-blog just makes me want to go back!
A few last things:
  • Next up: a post on my road trip essentials. One of them might surprise you!
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  1. Thank you, Jane! It was an incredible place to visit – the coast feels so very prehistoric and I felt so very small. I loved it!

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