And the winner is!


Drumroll please!

After a very technical and high stakes draw (read: slips of paper in a bowl, chosen at random by my slightly confused bestie), a winner has been selected from the survey giveaway. Congratulations, Jane Graham! Please expect an email today regarding your 8×10 print.

I’d like to thank everyone who submitted feedback (details below). I sincerely appreciate everyone who took a few moments out of their days to tell me what I’m doing well, and what I could do better.

As for the survey, I’ve learned that the majority of respondents follow me on Facebook, and rely on those updates to know when the blog has been updated. Most respondents feel the frequency of blog updates is just about right, and those who follow me on Facebook would be all right with updates every couple of days.

Not surprisingly, people would like to see more travel stories (and I certainly need to travel more in 2016!). There were no particularly strong feelings for the Monthly Wallpaper (now available via the monthly newsletter) and the Friday I’m in Love series, so those will continue to take a little bit of a back seat to other work.

The freeform text replies were wonderful and so very informative and I’ll be sure to take them into account.

The survey will remain open for the rest of the year (minus the giveaway), so if you’re late to the game, it’s never too late to tell me what you think!

Thank you again for your time, and your support. I couldn’t do any of this without you!

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