Friday I’m in Love | XIII

Mother Nature is toying with us, gentle reader. It’s been at turns snowy, foggy, rainy, hot, sunny, foggy, cold, and gloomy, and sometimes all of the above in one day. The joys of living in Ontario, I suppose.

I took a break last Friday, not to celebrate Easter or Passover or even just the long weekend, but to move all of my galleries over to a new host. I’m loving everything about the new setup, and I’d love to hear what you think! Point your browser over here for a peek.

I’m in the midst of prepping Mother’s Day cards and prints, which I secretly want to keep for myself. I love the frameable cards; they’re a card and a gift in one.

It’s all blue skies and smooth sailing ahead!

Caribbean blues

In this edition of Friday I’m in Love, the universe hands me what I need to polish up my home in 2015:

And in other non-house related obsessions:

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