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I’m still in a tropical state of mind, trying to convince myself that winter is winding down. I didn’t go anywhere warm last winter, and there’s nothing on the agenda this year, so I think I’m just going to crank the heat up and drink rum punch this weekend.

Palm Detail (7451)


  • I tested out this recipe for a Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Dip on three of my favourite friends last weekend and it’s definitely a keeper. It’s super simple to make, not overly decadent (we’re all still pretending our New Year’s resolutions are on track), and everyone loved it. It’s definitely a keeper.
  • As I go about my Year of Art, Front and Main by West Elm shared a great resource for How To Hang Art Like a Pro (and it doesn’t include my go-to move of hiring/bribing someone to do it for me.). That aside, I’m totally in love with 3M Command Strips to hang my art; I don’t have to deal with nail holes and they’re so very forgiving when you can’t hang anything straight, even with a level and a prayer.
  • The universe is definitely trying to tell me something this year, and it might be to try to keep non-sentient beings alive. The Design Confidential and A Beautiful Mess both posted great articles recently about keeping houseplants alive. They make it seem so easy, don’t they? Houseplants don’t cry when they need water; cats do. So much easier!
  • First I tell you I’m a crazy cat lady, and now I’m revealing that I’m a sci-fi nerd. Rod Serling wrote that science fiction makes the improbably possible, and these two articles showcased what I love most about social science fiction: its speculation and analysis of society. The Battlestar Galactica reboot was a great piece of sci-fi, and this out-there idea of using a BSG live action role playing game to boost political engagement impressed me. Maybe not enough to get into LARP-ing, but an innovative idea nonetheless. It was totally in keeping with this great piece by Nilofer Merchant I came across this week about how Star Trek Will Finally Come True, and it’s not the technology. 

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