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part five: superior | rocks

Yes, I punned and am duly ashamed.

All silliness aside (but only for a moment), Lake Superior DOES rock. If I had the opportunity to spend my summer vacations hiking through the vast parks surrounding our inland sea, I’d be there in an instant.

The first set of images is from a boat cruise at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan. We had the least amount of time to spend here, which was such a shame since I’d been dreaming about going there for ages! Luckily it’s “only” a nine hour drive from home… *cough* The sandstone cliffs are stained by mineral deposits, leaving them with the appearance of having been painted. Blues and greens, reds and blacks – it’s all in nature’s paintbox.

You’ve seen bits from the second set of images, from Gooseberry Falls State Park in Minnesota. Images of those amazing trees and much of the flora came from an awesome day here. The remainder were taken at our hotel, the Great Superior Lodge, which also gave us some of the most spectacular foggy lake views from our second story window.

Thank you for sticking through six months of sporadic postings about Lake Superior. Next up, six months of Cuba!

Nerd Alert: We learned some fun facts about Superior from our fearless Park Ranger on the boat cruise. Did you know that:

      It has more water than all of the other Great Lakes combined.
      It contains about 10 percent of all of the world’s freshwater.
      Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, but not by volume.
      If Lake Superior was a swimming pool and you let all the water out, it would cover the mainland US in 5′ of water.

I’m a little iffy on that last one; I may have the depth wrong since it’s been a while. It was the one fact I wasn’t able to verify last night during my research, but it was so impressive I had to include it anyhow. My professors would be proud 😉

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