winter is coming*

* Disclaimer: this post title is brought to you by George R.R. Martin and his ‘A Song of Fire and Ice‘ series. So shush!

There’s a chill in the air that wasn’t there before. The light coming into the garden is coming in at a different angle. The car is covered in dew when I get ready for the day. Winter may not be quite on its way yet, but the summer is definitely trying to make way for autumn.

But what a summer it’s been!

I haven’t been updating the website or facebook in what feels like forever, and it’s been glorious. In between major projects, lovely clients, and a healthy dose of insanity at work, I’ve found time to hang out with friends – new and old – on local patios, visit farm stands, and read, read, read. I couldn’t have asked for a better 2011, truthfully.

This summer, the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies brought me on for images for their viewbook and website after viewing my work with Schulich Graduate Studies in the winter. Many thanks to Wes at SGPS and Janelle at Schulich!

I had the opportunity to photograph a local restaurant, Mykonos, and their tasty dishes for their new website which is still under construction. Best part – I got to test out some of the food and it was delicious. Thank you to Colin and all of the lovely folks at the restaurant for a great afternoon.

I worked with the immensely talented (and funny) Mark Payne on the photos for his newest album. Mark’s most recent release contains selections from the production of “Simply Grand” featured at the Starbright Summer Theatre Festival in August of 2011, at the Imperial Theatre in Sarnia, ON.

And last, but certainly not least, have been the lovely friends and family who have trusted me with their maternity, baby, family, graduation … and wedding photos. This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of two dear friends. Since the day was structured in an unusual manner, I got to pop home before the ceremony to print and edit a couple of photos and surprise them with a quick print.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has made 2011 such a great year.

And finally, what’s up next…..

That’s right, 3,200km of road trip fun with my bestest friend… and her kid brother, who we’re driving up to college in Thunder Bay. After we dump – er, I mean drop – him off, we take off for our own adventure around Lake Superior. Wish me luck – I hope to come back with many memory cards full of beautiful photos.

If you’ve made it this far, you totally deserve a cookie :) Come by any time and claim your prize.

6 thoughts on “winter is coming*

  1. Thanks Kelly, it was definitely a different experience working with other people’s food but so much fun! And many thanks for the recommendation; I’ll most definitely add it to my “to eat” list for the trip :)

  2. Look at you all awesome and professional and stuff! You should be bragging about more of this stuff to me – I didn’t even know you were doing most of them. But am duly proud and impressed!

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about the trouble you get into on the road trip. Is the cookie exchangeable for wine?

    PS: there has been a lot of pausing somberly and intoning “Winter is coming” at our house at the oddest and most incongruous moments. I think we’re due for a new meme…but not for a few more months yet.

  3. I’ll brag to you next time I see you *ahem* :)

    And yes, I’ll let you exchange your cookie for wine. But not the Stratus Red; I don’t know if I love you THAT much!


  4. thanks monika – i swear, after this weekend i may have more time for crazy things like reading, blogging, editing photos…

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