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6 thoughts on “winter is coming*

  1. Thanks Kelly, it was definitely a different experience working with other people’s food but so much fun! And many thanks for the recommendation; I’ll most definitely add it to my “to eat” list for the trip :)

  2. Look at you all awesome and professional and stuff! You should be bragging about more of this stuff to me – I didn’t even know you were doing most of them. But am duly proud and impressed!

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about the trouble you get into on the road trip. Is the cookie exchangeable for wine?

    PS: there has been a lot of pausing somberly and intoning “Winter is coming” at our house at the oddest and most incongruous moments. I think we’re due for a new meme…but not for a few more months yet.

  3. I’ll brag to you next time I see you *ahem* :)

    And yes, I’ll let you exchange your cookie for wine. But not the Stratus Red; I don’t know if I love you THAT much!


  4. thanks monika – i swear, after this weekend i may have more time for crazy things like reading, blogging, editing photos…

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