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9 thoughts on “getting lucky in prague

  1. You call this getting lucky? NERD. 😀

    No, really… absolutely fabulous photos. What an incredible experience. I bet you didn’t want to leave.

  2. You are a lucky lady indeed. Imagine touching a book so very very old. The priest is very proud of his Library. I understand why not too many people are invited to see the Library. Great pictures.


  3. thanks everyone… it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. if i only i could have stayed to catalogue all of those books :)

  4. Wow…..What an experience for you….and the best is that your photography talent allowed you to document this visit so well. Wonderful pictures!

  5. thank you to michael, ronnine and jennifer, i appreciate your visit and your kind words. i think i used up my luck for the next couple of years :)

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