November 2015 Desktop Wallpaper

The last month went by like a whirlwind.

I spent a week touring through Oregon and Washington on my own, and a week in Vancouver, BC, and now a week of being sick after all that fun!

I have so many tales to tell, and photographs to share with you, but they’ll have to wait until I feel a little more human.



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October 2015 Desktop Wallpaper

October is finally here, and if you’ve been following my Instagram this week, you’ll know that I leave for the West Coast in less than two weeks and I’m starting to panic a little!

I have a whole week on my own, set aside for photographing landscapes. I don’t yet know where I’m going to go, or exactly how I’m going to get there. Winging it really isn’t my style, but I like to throw myself out of my comfort zone when I can. I’d love to hear your suggestions for the must-see places in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon.

Who knows, I might even just end up on a cold beach for the week, decompressing from the madness that was the last three months!

And speaking of madness, I made this photograph when I was in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. I had a couple of hours to myself, unexpectedly, and used them to explore new and old favourite places. Commerce Court is just such a beautiful space; could you imagine yourself working here?


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September 2015 Desktop Wallpaper

The nights have grown colder. The light is different, distant. The leaves have darkened with age. The wind rustles through trees like paper.

It still feels like summer but everything has changed.


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Under the Sea

There’s no doubt in my mind that there is something soothing about being near the water. 

Canada is a freshwater haven, and here in London, Ontario, we’re lucky to be so very close to two of the Great Lakes, as well as many smaller bodies of water as well. Even in winter, it’s a frozen wonderland.

Recently, a study conducted by researchers from Plymouth University and the University of Exeter has shown that exposure to underwater environments such as aquariums, big or small, can actually have an impact on your well-being.

I finally had the opportunity to visit Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, and I can see substance in the results.

I was awed.

Not only is the facility well designed for its intended purpose, it brings you so much closer to everything… even the sharks.

Aqua_2589Of course, I was drawn to the jellyfish most of all. I don’t know quite what the draw is, but I spent quite a lot of time in front of that particular wall of glass. I suppose it reminded me of a lava lamp, and I couldn’t stop staring. Aqua_2720

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August 2015 Desktop Wallpaper

I know I must say this every month, but wow, I can’t believe it’s August already! This summer is just whipping by, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

I’ve been out and about throughout July, and it feels like I’ve covered one end of Ontario to the other (ok, perhaps southwestern Ontario…). And while I’m heading to Michigan this weekend, I’m feeling a lot of love for my home province. So get out there and hit one of our awesome beaches, follow the butter tart trail, or check out one of our natural wonders.


Sorry, this month, and it’s associated wallpaper, is now gone!