Friday I’m in Love | XVIII

Time is such a tricky thing, isn’t it? This was a short week after our civic holiday on Monday, but it feels like I crammed in a full five days of non-stop activity into four days. Between meetings, shoots, and planning, I feel like I haven’t stopped moving.

I’m hoping that after tonight’s working meeting, I’ll spend the weekend on my deck with a book, ignoring a large and angry cat wailing from inside the house.

This photograph is from one of my favourite spots in Warsaw. I don’t think I’ve ever gone home and not photographed this street.


  • Speaking of reading, what kind of reader are you? I think the only categories I don’t fit into are The Book Buster and The Anti-Reader. From the classics to the super fluffy to the heavy non-fiction, there is little I won’t sink my teeth into.
  • Vanessa’s blog is my current favourite for stalking not only great little printables and resources, but also her reading list. I’ve got some great fodder for my summer reading thanks to her project!
  • I often feel as though I’ve had some lucky breaks, and this is a good reminder for those moments where I think a golden horseshoe is more responsible for my successes than my hard work.

Friday I’m in Love | XVII

I have some exciting news! I’m in the midst of planning my big trip of 2015. The universe handed me an opportunity I couldn’t turn down so I’m heading to the Pacific Northwest in the fall. I’m traveling on my own for the first time, and I’m finding the possibilities almost overwhelming. Without someone else’s constraints, I don’t quite know what to do with myself! I’d love to hear your thoughts about Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR and all points in between. What shouldn’t I miss? City Lights

Friday I’m in Love | XVI

All in all, this has been a great week. As if the glorious weather and working with one of my favourite clients (hint: they’re all my favourite clients) wasn’t enough, I’m also feeling cautiously optimistic that my back is on the mend and I can get back to some of the activities which define me.

It’s been a scary few months, and I’ve been considering who I would be if I couldn’t photograph landscapes any more. But this past weekend, I took a short road trip into the country and I wasn’t crippled by pain for days after. It felt like a miracle! So while I’m not going to push it by driving to Georgian Bay and back in a day like I have in summers past, I’m definitely celebrating.

In between all that physio and rumination, I’ve felt decidedly uninspired when it came to my own work, so I set out last night with my Lensbaby and reveled in the spring time blooms. This is straight out of my camera, and I’m so completely smitten that I might just leave it as is.

What do you think about the Lensbaby optics? I find the photos so fun and interesting – and my best friend hates them!


Check out more of my Lensbaby images here.

There’s always something to brighten your day:

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May 2015 Wallpaper

Suddenly, in the last 24 hours, the world turned that beautiful shade of light yellow-green. This is, without a doubt, my favourite moment of the year.

A dear friend of mine arrived in Paris today for a three month sojourn, and while I excitedly await her updates, I am also thinking back to my last trip which now feels like a lifetime ago. Europe isn’t in the cards this year, but I do hope to make it to the West coast in the coming months to make new memories.

This photograph is from Warsaw’s Old Town, which was entirely rebuilt after World War II. It was done so meticulously that you’d never know it was only a few decades old. As the city changes, this little area remains much as it was in my childhood, and I visit it and photograph it every time I go home.

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Friday I’m in Love | XV

Contrary to popular belief, April 25 is not the perfect date. Mother Nature blasted us one (hopefully) last time on Earth Day, and it stuck around for a few days. I swear I will stop talking about the weather…. as much. If I stopped all together, I think they’d take away my Canadian citizenship! This week, the world celebrated the Bard’s birthday. Whether you love Shakespeare or think he’s high-culture, Ben Crystal’s Shakespeare On Toast will forever change the way you read him. To celebrate, this little image is a blast from the past, photographed in the den of my favourite English professor. noted Scrolling through the archives to find this image reminded me of how much time I spent shooting for myself. I really need to get back to that! This Friday’s favourites: Continue reading