March 2015 Wallpaper

Guys, I can hardly believe March is here! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going squirrely, waiting for warmer weather to arrive. This view has been on my mind lately, and I hope 2015 brings me back to San Francisco. The sailboats on the bay are such a peaceful view, in contrast with the insanely busy Golden Gate Bridge, just to the left of the frame. Universe, taking me to California, would you?

March 2015 desktop calendar

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Friday I’m in Love

Well, folks, this week’s edition of Friday I’m in Love is short on content, but long on woe. Less than an hour after last week’s post, I was taken ill and only just came back to the land of the living on Wednesday. My feedly was at well over 1,000 missed blog posts and I was half-tempted to just hit the “mark all as read” button and start over.

But I can’t, so I’m slowly catching up.

I’m hoping for a quiet weekend, with much reading, tea, and solid food. It’s the little things right?

This image is from my trip to Prague, where I had the opportunity to tour a private monastic library. What an experience, not only taking in the history and the space itself, but being allowed to touch a 500 year old book with my oily, ungloved fingers. Don’t tell my library school teachers!

ancient texts

Coming up shortly: March’s free desktop wallpaper will be posted tomorrow, and on Tuesday get ready for the next installment of The Year of Art. Get caught up on last month’s post here.

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your weekend is full of all the good things.



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Friday I’m in Love

We’re in the middle of what one could call a cold snap, but in reality is just a brutally cold, short winter. I’m trying to find little things to be appreciate. Today, I noticed how the hood of my heavy winter coat  makes a cozy pillow on my head rest as I drive home.

While we wait for spring to save us, I’m thinking back to a warm beach, good friends, and mojitos. My last trip to Cuba was filled with nights like this.  Maybe I’ll serve mojitos at my little Oscar party Sunday night!

Sunset in Varadero

Keep warm, my friends, wherever you may be.

Friday I’m in Love

Well folks, it’s Friday the 13th, which rolls into Valentine’s Day. It’s also a long weekend here in Ontario, where we are celebrating Family Day. I’m hoping to head up the highway to see my folks, and if the weather thwarts my plans, then hanging out with my favourite furball and a good book seems like a perfect back up plan! In honour of this weekend’s love fest, I wanted to share the first image in a favourite project of mine, The Other Side, which celebrated the side of flowers that don’t get much love. Meet Lysianthus, a delicate bloom which often reminds me of roses. the other side - lysianthus It’s also available in the shop, along with a few friends. This Friday’s favourites are short and (kind of) sweet:

  • This piece of awesomeness came up in my Facebook feed and I was instantly smitten. Eric Fischer’s Locals and Tourists project maps the geotagged locations of where locals and tourists snap the most photos. Not only are the resulting images quite lovely, but how great would this be as a resource to get off the beaten track when visiting a new city? See more in Eric’s flickr ablum.
  • I was excited to see the fourth look in Emily Henderson’s series “1 Credenza 4 Ways” which also ended in a vote between the four looks. Check out Mid-century Coastal, Bold Mid-Century Contemporary (my fave!), California Eclectic, and Upper East Side Mid-century. What I love most about this series is Emily’s explanation of why it works - such a great resource! What do you think? Do you have a favourite?
  • And finally, my other favourite of the week was this article on Margaret Atwood’s visit to West Point to discuss gender, politics, and oppression (yes, light subject matter right before a long lovey weekend!). I think it’s wonderful West Point invited her to come and speak to their students on these matters, but every time I find out one more thing about Margaret Atwood, I love her just a little bit more. If you google “things you didn’t know about Margaret Atwood,” I guarantee you’ll have a good time!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I hope you get to spend it with someone who adores you.   PS – for those of you who are still looking for a soft petal pink wallpaper for your screens, February’s 2015 download might just hit the spot!


Let’s hang out!
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Friday I’m in Love

I’m still in a tropical state of mind, trying to convince myself that winter is winding down. I didn’t go anywhere warm last winter, and there’s nothing on the agenda this year, so I think I’m just going to crank the heat up and drink rum punch this weekend.

Palm Detail (7451)


  • I tested out this recipe for a Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Dip on three of my favourite friends last weekend and it’s definitely a keeper. It’s super simple to make, not overly decadent (we’re all still pretending our New Year’s resolutions are on track), and everyone loved it. It’s definitely a keeper.
  • As I go about my Year of Art, Front and Main by West Elm shared a great resource for How To Hang Art Like a Pro (and it doesn’t include my go-to move of hiring/bribing someone to do it for me.). That aside, I’m totally in love with 3M Command Strips to hang my art; I don’t have to deal with nail holes and they’re so very forgiving when you can’t hang anything straight, even with a level and a prayer.
  • The universe is definitely trying to tell me something this year, and it might be to try to keep non-sentient beings alive. The Design Confidential and A Beautiful Mess both posted great articles recently about keeping houseplants alive. They make it seem so easy, don’t they? Houseplants don’t cry when they need water; cats do. So much easier!
  • First I tell you I’m a crazy cat lady, and now I’m revealing that I’m a sci-fi nerd. Rod Serling wrote that science fiction makes the improbably possible, and these two articles showcased what I love most about social science fiction: its speculation and analysis of society. The Battlestar Galactica reboot was a great piece of sci-fi, and this out-there idea of using a BSG live action role playing game to boost political engagement impressed me. Maybe not enough to get into LARP-ing, but an innovative idea nonetheless. It was totally in keeping with this great piece by Nilofer Merchant I came across this week about how Star Trek Will Finally Come True, and it’s not the technology.